My Ultimate Diva.

Do you know that terrible sensation of looking your reflection in the mirror and found yourself a totally weird figure ? I think every girl in this world already felt like this someday and it like… smash your self-esteem, right ?

Well, I feel like like this mostly when I have to go to a new place, with new people, without my friends… and with my exagereted anxious personality it just get worse.

Let me describe to you my weird physiognomy: I have A LOT of hair and you can’t tell if it is straight or curly, voluminous lips with a weird shape, big rounded black eyes and my two front teeth are separated, not much, but enough to make me hate my two front teeth! And my mom, to make me feel “better”, always say that “if I were taller I would be a model, because I have a beautiful body and a beautiful WEIRD face”.

Well… nonetheless I have a person that makes me feel better, my ultimate diva:


Yeah! My godess, Brigitte Bardot. Can you see it? A lot of hair (the only difference is that she is blond and I am brunette), voluminous lips, big rounded black eyes,separated  front teeth…  She has all those things that really bothers me, but she is still amazing.


Maybe you’ll think that it’s ridiculous, but  I am almost sure that Brigitte already had her “I’m a little monster” days. Well, but look what happened to her: She is one of the biggest fashion icons ever!



Just keep in mind that we’re all beautiful in different ways. I know that sometimes it is hard, and that’s why I have Brigitte as my greatest inspiration. Cause she knew how to use oddity to be sexy!