Akward Moment at MANGO

Yesterdey I was walking in Ipanema when I saw a loooovely floral dress. It was so cheapest then the usual prices that I see at Mango, so I decided to get in and, maybe, by it.

When I asked the saleswoman to get me one of those in my size she gave a weird look to me, do you know when a person look at you from your head to your toe? I really didn’t care a lot for that, but then she spoke something on another saleswoman’s ear. Ok, it started to feel akward… Well, when the girl came back, with my dress, that’s what she said: ” excuse me, where did you buy this Giani Bernini bag? I can’t find none of his bags in here!” … In my mind I was like: “Is this a Giani Bernini bag???”  But what I’ve said: “I don’t know, it was actually in my mom’s closet.” What is true!

Well, when I came back home, I’ve made a little research and, it is actually Giani Bernini!

It was this handbag:


Now my question is: “Mom, where the hell did you buy this bag?!”

I really love this one.