Yesterday, when I was really excited to write, there was a blackout at home!

Well, anyway, finally this week I’ve bought a book that I’ve been searching since I was 12 years old, Bram Stoker’s Drácula! I know it’s really old and I should have read this already, but it was hard to find in a beautiful cover!

After college I always go somewhere else, that isn’t home, to calm down my mind. Yesterday I went to Rio Sul Mall, at Botafogo, more to see the windows than for buy something. I went into a starbucks and started to read the book… I read 100 pages there! I’m so proud of myself for that *-*

Well, talking about the mall, There was really beautiful stuff yesterday. I’m thinking about making a shopping guide here in the blog, I’ve been walkink around the city and there is some awesome places to go. Maybe I’ll do it (: