My Ultimate Diva.

Do you know that terrible sensation of looking your reflection in the mirror and found yourself a totally weird figure ? I think every girl in this world already felt like this someday and… Continue reading

Springs Shoes!

By reading the title of it you must be thinking: “WHAT?!” But that’s right, here in Brazil we are about to make the transition to spring and our shoes and clothes brands are… Continue reading

Cheap Skin Care Routine

Everybody needs a skin care routine, doesn’t matter your age or skin color or skin type. But you don’t need to waste all your money with expensive products! If there’s something that you… Continue reading

Playlist – Nostalgia (Disney)

I should have posted this last friday, but, thanks to college, it was impossible! I am really into disney classics for some time (all my life!) sooo… I decided to make a playlist… Continue reading


Finally found it! A simple and cheap way to make your red lipstick last longer. I did it yesterday and when I got home (it’s embarrassing to say it but…) I was so… Continue reading

New old dresses!

Some time ago I’ve found a second hand clothes store in my city. It had nothing really interesting at first sight, but then I found some beautiful vintage dresses hidden under some other… Continue reading

BFF’s gift ideas – Friendship Bracelet!

Fashion is for everyone! And that’s what Honestly WTF is all about. The site is full of amazing fashion editorials, home decor tips and the most incredible DIY’s!! My best friend’s birthday is… Continue reading

Playlist – It’s just a shot away!

I love music of almost every kind and I had publish a lot of my favorite songs on 8tracks. Every friday I’ll be posting one of my mixes here. People suggestions for the… Continue reading

Hi everyone!

Hey, this is just an introduction, I’m new on it. What should I say ? I love all kinds of arts, technology and DIY’s.  I also love fashion, totally nerdy stuff, vintage stuff and… Continue reading