Inspiration: Chloe Grace Moretz

Hello, I’m baack! YEEEY!!! I should have returned with posts last week, but I was so stressed and grumpy… and I don’t want to pass this mood for you ^^ Well, to a… Continue reading

Exam week D:

    I’m really sorry for that, but last week it turned impossible to post something for me. I’ve been studying a looot!!! And next week will be exactly the same thing, so… Continue reading

Instagram + Lana Del Rey

Finally I’ve started to use my instagram! I didn’t do this earlier cause… I’m a lazy person (: And today it was a perfect time to start! Because I had the heaviest insomnia… Continue reading

Versace winter 2012-13 + News!

Versace showed up a totally gorgeous collection, should I say this was one of my favorites! Some beautiful and colorful dresses, a wide range of prints and fabrics. Just amazing!       Check… Continue reading

Vogue UK’s October Issue: Dolce & Gabbana

In Vogue UK‘s october edition you’ll see some beautiful pictures of Dolce & Gabbana’s couture collection and also an interview with this two awesome fashion genius!   Sooo wonderful!! *-* Sneak a peek… Continue reading


Yesterday, when I was really excited to write, there was a blackout at home! Well, anyway, finally this week I’ve bought a book that I’ve been searching since I was 12 years old,… Continue reading

Akward Moment at MANGO

Yesterdey I was walking in Ipanema when I saw a loooovely floral dress. It was so cheapest then the usual prices that I see at Mango, so I decided to get in and,… Continue reading

Playlist: Night of Reading Soundtrack

I’ve made this playlist for my reading times. I need music for almost everything, I can’t concentrate myself without it, but when you are reading or studying the chorus can really distract you.… Continue reading

Gucci Premiere Feat. Blake Lively.

Well, I think that Blake Lively is such a babe and she was absolutaly gorgeous on it. And those dresses!!! That dark-teal-or-navy-idk dress is going to my impossible-to-me-to-have-one wishlist.  

Damn! Fairy Nails!

I was just checking some new posts of blogs that I really like and I’ve seen this unconditional colorful fantasia on a cover of Vogue Japan Beauty:     What do you imagine… Continue reading